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Romex is a representative of a manufacturer of high quality rubber hoses - Teknikum.

Water and compressed air hoses

Hoses for water, compressed air, sewage, cooling systems.

Fuel and oil hoses

Hoses for fuels, oils, for diesel, oil mixtures with water.

Food quality hoses

High quality hoses for tranport of food products: water, milk, beer, wine, juices, etc.

Acid and chemical hoses

Hose for transportation of aggressive chemicals, acids, industrial chemicals, corrosive chemicals, fuels, oils, solvents.

Welding hoses, LPG hoses

Welding hoses and LPG hoses

Steam hoses

Steam hoses

Ventilation hoses

Ventilation hoses, hoses for transportation of dust, pulverous and granular materials, wearing granulate and gaseous materials.

Material handling hoses

Hoses for loose materials, concrete, sand, granulate.

Exhausts gas hoses

Exhausts gas hoses for i.e. marine cooling systems.

Clamps and couplers for hoses

Clamps, couplers, fittings, nuts for hoses.

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